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I am Aries the War Wolf, a Fandom creator who goes active on the Minecraft Wiki, Roblox Piggy Wiki, Among Us Wiki, and Inquisitormaster Wiki. This is the wiki that hosts videos from the popular challenge known as 100 Days Hardcore Minecraft.

What is 100 Days??[edit | edit source]

100 Days is a challenge set in Minecraft Hardcore, the hardest gamemode, to survive 100 days. It was originated by Luke theNotable and was taken on by ForgeLabs in VR, then Legundo, and then the challenge started to gain a huge increase in popularity, with many YouTubers taking it on.

How Can you Help the Community?[edit | edit source]

You can help the Hardcore Challengers community by editing older pages to keep it up to date, and uploading new pages for new YouTubers. You can also take on the challenge yourself and write about your experience. Please be honest when you're writing about the challenge. It would also help if you put a screenshot of yourself on day 100 with Debug on to prove you survived the days and also to prove you're actually on hardcore.

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100 Days is a popular challenge where you must survive 100 days in hardcore mode. Its original creator was Luke theNotable, then Forge Labs joined in on VR. Legundo was the last person to take it on before the challenge skyrocketed, and YouTubers we'd never expect to take on this challenge(Such as Fru, who is doing so well in his current world, and Preston, who doesn't play vanilla Minecraft a lot.) have taken it on.

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